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SBI बैंक चाहती है आधार आधारित भुकतान प्रणाली(AEPS) को बंद करना,AEPS हो सकता है बंद ।

New Delhi, UIDAI has asked banks not to stop the AEPS from the Aadhaar payment system, UIDAI says that closure of AEPS may lead to more losses in rural areas, as well as from AEPS operators. A revenue loss will be stripped, UIDAI also informed that closing AEPS may hamper distribution of welfare benefits.

SBI) के द्वारा भारतीय राष्ट्रीय भुगतान निगम (NPCI) को भेजे गए पत्र का संज्ञान लिया ।

n his letter written on November 19, 2018, SBI had expressed its intention to shut down the NPCI on a base based payment system (AEPS), SBI said that the basis-based payment system (SBI) AEPS will continue to be violated by the Supreme Court's decision.

On this, UIDAI said that this case has been investigated very seriously and the Supreme Court has upheld the constitutional status of the Aadhar program, especially in the hearing of the Sections 7 I of the Act, in the September hearing. The country's Supreme Court has upheld the constitutional validity of the base.
And taking this important decision, the High Court also ensured that where the need for the base is and where is not it? . Where did the court clear that no need for Aadhaar card will be required to enroll in school, open a bank account and get mobile number. At the same time, the court had also said that the mandatory requirement of Aadhaar card will be implemented.

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